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Label Errors

Label Error

Name Value
Type label-error
Title Label Error
Description Label Error
Template Label Error
Tags #table #header #label

Extra Label

Name Value
Type extra-label
Title Extra Label
Description The header of the data source contains label that does not exist in the provided schema.
Template There is an extra label "{label}" in header at position "{fieldNumber}"
Tags #table #header #label

Missing Label

Name Value
Type missing-label
Title Missing Label
Description Based on the schema there should be a label that is missing in the data's header.
Template There is a missing label in the header's field "{fieldName}" at position "{fieldNumber}"
Tags #table #header #label

Blank Label

Name Value
Type blank-label
Title Blank Label
Description A label in the header row is missing a value. Label should be provided and not be blank.
Template Label in the header in field at position "{fieldNumber}" is blank
Tags #table #header #label

Duplicate Label

Name Value
Type duplicate-label
Title Duplicate Label
Description Two columns in the header row have the same value. Column names should be unique.
Template Label "{label}" in the header at position "{fieldNumber}" is duplicated to a label: {note}
Tags #table #header #label

Incorrect Label

Name Value
Type incorrect-label
Title Incorrect Label
Description One of the data source header does not match the field name defined in the schema.
Template Label "{label}" in field {fieldName} at position "{fieldNumber}" does not match the field name in the schema
Tags #table #header #label


errors.LabelError (class)

errors.LabelError (class)

Label error representation. A base class for all the errors related to the labels of the columns/fields.


(*, note: str, labels: List[str], row_numbers: List[int], label: str, field_name: str, field_number: int) -> None


  • note (str)
  • labels (List[str])
  • row_numbers (List[int])
  • label (str)
  • field_name (str)
  • field_number (int)

errors.labelError.label (property)

Label of the field that has an error.



errors.labelError.field_name (property)

Name of the field that has an error.



errors.labelError.field_number (property)

Index of the field that has an error.