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Metadata Errors

Metadata Error

Name Value
Type metadata-error
Title Metadata Error
Description There is a metadata error.
Template Metadata error: {note}

Catalog Error

Name Value
Type catalog-error
Title Catalog Error
Description A validation cannot be processed.
Template The data catalog has an error: {note}

Dataset Error

Name Value
Type dataset-error
Title Dataset Error
Description A validation cannot be processed.
Template The dataset has an error: {note}

Checklist Error

Name Value
Type checklist-error
Title Checklist Error
Description Provided checklist is not valid.
Template Checklist is not valid: {note}

Check Error

Name Value
Type check-error
Title Check Error
Description Provided check is not valid
Template Check is not valid: {note}

Detector Error

Name Value
Type detector-error
Title Detector Error
Description Provided detector is not valid.
Template Detector is not valid: {note}

Dialect Error

Name Value
Type dialect-error
Title Dialect Error
Description Provided dialect is not valid.
Template Dialect is not valid: {note}

Control Error

Name Value
Type control-error
Title Control Error
Description Provided control is not valid.
Template Control is not valid: {note}

Inquiry Error

Name Value
Type inquiry-error
Title Inquiry Error
Description Provided inquiry is not valid.
Template Inquiry is not valid: {note}

Inquiry Task Error

Name Value
Type inquiry-task-error
Title Inquiry Task Error
Description Provided inquiry task is not valid.
Template Inquiry task is not valid: {note}

Package Error

Name Value
Type package-error
Title Package Error
Description A validation cannot be processed.
Template The data package has an error: {note}

Pipeline Error

Name Value
Type pipeline-error
Title Pipeline Error
Description Provided pipeline is not valid.
Template Pipeline is not valid: {note}

Step Error

Name Value
Type step-error
Title Step Error
Description Provided step is not valid
Template Step is not valid: {note}

Report Error

Name Value
Type report-error
Title Report Error
Description Provided report is not valid.
Template Report is not valid: {note}

Report Task Error

Name Value
Type report-task-error
Title Report Task Error
Description Provided report task is not valid.
Template Report task is not valid: {note}

Schema Error

Name Value
Type schema-error
Title Schema Error
Description Provided schema is not valid.
Template Schema is not valid: {note}

Field Error

Name Value
Type field-error
Title Field Error
Description Provided field is not valid.
Template Field is not valid: {note}

Stats Error

Name Value
Type stats-error
Title Stats Error
Description Stats object has an error.
Template Stats object has an error: {note}


errors.MetadataError (class)

errors.MetadataError (class)

Error representation. It is a baseclass from which other subclasses of errors are inherited or derived from.


(*, note: str) -> None


  • note (str)